your daily rock : love your imperfection

We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That’s what connects us–that we’re all broken, all beautifully imperfect.” -Emilio Estevez

We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks.

And yet we try so hard to hide the cracks.

What if we displayed them, instead? Like the Japanese who fix broken pottery with seams of gold. “Kintsugi,” this process is called: “It makes no attempt to hide the crack, but incorporates it as a design element into something simultaneously broken and strengthened by the break.”

Into what beautiful cracks can you pour gold?


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  1. Love that quote. Love, love, love. xox

  2. apparently, I am mostly gold :)

  3. I too am mostly gold at this point. I gladly show my cracks. Most recently I have found that my health issues have caused me to lack some important filters between thought and speech that too me years to build. I may need quite a bit of gold to fill the crack in my mouth.