your daily rock : get messy!

Neatness, madam, has nothing to do with the truth. The truth is quite messy, like a wind blown room.” ?William J. Harris

One afternoon last year, I picked Tess up from school and her pants were covered in dirt. Her teacher walked over to me and apologized that Tess was so dirty, explaining their time on the playground that day. “No apology necessary!” I said. “This is truly the mark of a fabulous day!”

Do you ever allow yourself to get messy?


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  1. Guest January 11, 2013

    Yes, my kids enjoyed a mud hole and making mud pies when young. I just sprayed them down with a hose. However, this carefree attitude about dirt wasn’t appreciated by my principal in my third grade class room which featured child created mud covered “pueblos” and at times wildly growing potato vines. I was given notice to be more orderly and clean in the classroom.. Ahh, but those were good times in the public schools. I think back about it now and smile, while I’m sitting among boxes, papers, and photos of my current ancestor project and realize my penchant for disarray lives on.

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