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FOUR-WORD SELF-HELP: simple wisdom for complex lives(Sept. 2010)

Life is complex, not complicated.

Four-Word Self-Help is a pithy nod to the fact that life is simpler than we try to make it. It shows how the truisms for most of our woes can be boiled down to four well-chosen words. Author Patti Digh (Life is a Verb) takes the issues of our busy, burdened days and proves that rather than solving a complexity with another complexity, the answer may well lie in simple actions.

Following an introduction reflecting on the power of words in self-improvement and self-discovery, Patti introduces twelve hot-button issues, each addressed by wise and witty four-word missives, 101 in total. Each concise nugget of advice has been interpreted in original art submitted by artists from around the world, making this book a visual feast for those who could, simply, use just a little bit of help and inspiration. (Original artwork contributed by artist/followers of the authorities blog, 37days, enhance each essay)

Get a signed and inscribed copy. PLEASE INCLUDE NAME OF PERSON YOU WOULD LIKE IT INSCRIBED TO (if any) IN COMMENT FIELD OF ORDER FORM. If not included, the book will simply be signed.