Why 37days?



In 2011, I started a project with two women I had met individually because they were readers of 37days and Life is a Verb. Both were amazing writers themselves, but weren’t consistently sharing their writing with the world. Somehow we connected, perhaps by Facebook? We were sharing personal, beautiful stories together via email but had never sat together in one room–and to this day, still haven’t.

Knowing that the shortest distance between three people is a story, we decided to start on January 1, 2011, to post a photo and short caption every day in 2011. That blog, 3x3x365, has become a source of great comfort, fun, and meaning for the three of us–and for many others as well. It will continue in 2012.

Amy “Amos Moon” McCracken and Kathryn Ruth “Hot Dog” Schuth, I love you, and I love this project. May we all meet sometime soon (for the first time!) and break bread together. Gluten-free, vegan, free-trade, organic, artisan bread, of course.