With gratitude for this intentional community

Fong5_spirit_box_gompa_2 We were born to unite with our fellow men, and to join in community with the human race. -Cicero

As this third year of 37days ends, I’ve spent this last week reading again the comments left on this site in 2007—and visiting the websites of their authors, as well as re-reading the hundreds of emails I’ve received from 37days readers these past twelve months, each telling a story, holding me up, helping me understand things I hadn’t seen before. And for that, my gratitude, my thanks.

To everyone who has emailed me directly, my thanks to you. It is a gift to hear from you about how my stories have held meaning for you, and to hear your own stories—and to acknowledge how similar our journeys are, after all. And to the people below who posted comments on 37days in 2007, my thanks again for engaging, for leaving words of wisdom for us all to ponder and learn from. So much of the charm of Blog World comes from our serendipitous “findings”; perhaps in this list, if you dip into the links, you’ll find whole new worlds of insight from wonderful writers and thinkers and human beings becoming. I hope I haven’t missed anyone; if I have, let me know and please accept my apologies. With thanks for your engagement with me in this exploration of life; you give me so much:

Marilyn, Dan, Carolyn, Catherine, Nicole, Gay, Sarah, Leanne (may she rest in peace–Leanne passed away this year at age 48 after a brief illness), Mr Brilliant, Christy, Andy, Kismet, Marcia, Katie, Carol, Joy, Esther, Shelley, Ferruty, Theresa, Chris, Joy K, RedSonja, Aurora, Betsy, Franky, Sue, Karrie, Heidi, Elizabeth, Deirdre, Cate, Nicholas, Tana, Wendy, Mel, Cynthia, Jane Poe, Pearl, Hilde, Melanie, Kim, Jeff, Denise, runliarun, Mardougrrl, Dan, Liesl, Sally, vanesscipes, Jylene, Bill, Diana, Tracy, Michael, Shawn, Maryam in Marrakesh, Sebastian, Mahima, Meg, Sognatrice, Jasper, Jackie, Ellouise, Shelley, Anitha, Danielle, Bob, Nikki, Andrea, Eliza, Chris K., Josiane, Pete A., Robert, Leah, Karen, Carmen, Ruby, Donna T., Brenda L., Robert, Kelly, Jill, Becca, Clem, Carla, Tori, Mary, Roberta, Lisa G., Kelly, Lyco, David, SL, Julie, Meg, Nina, Chris B., Kay, Ro, RDL, Shonnie, Kylie, Lydia, David Z., David D., Colleen, Writerbug, Michelle, JCR, terrilynn, Angelfeet, Mary M., iswan, Kate I, Adele W., eb, Lela, Grace T., AdriftAtSea, Virginia P., Martha A., Shephard, Marcia, Zoely, Callipygia, Shannon, Carolyn, M-S, Marie, Stella, Jim, ChelleR, Catherine, inlandempiregirl, The Purloined Letter, Viaggiatore, Kurt, Barbara, Lisa G., Kelly Rae, Lisa, Lucy, Maggie, Laura, David Z., Boadicea, Donna S., janewilk, Sue M., Heather R., Nicole, Howard H., Kat, Brain, Per Stromsjo, Paul T., Becca, Teresa, Red, SSH, thodarumm, t, Kikipotamus the Hobo, Miss G Marshall, Timothy, Eva, k, Laurel, Midwest Kitchen, Maura, Alexander, JL, jana, Melissa, Callipygia, Emma W., John, Amy, Roger von Oech, Jim Ley, aileen, Ann Moore, amy, m, tali, vfa, Emily, Dawn, tallulah, Terri, Frivolitea, Lill, Debra Roby, Dean, Pia K, Granny Sue, Timothy Johnson, Jay River, Michael Wagner, Lela Davidson, Tim Davies, Roselyn, Anitha, Ramona, david cooper, Andy, Rosemary a.k.a. Ms. Marshall, Kate, Rick, Leia Lona, Allan Smithee, Beth, Sergio Fucchi, Christine Martell, Katiebean, K, Marica Sevelj, Fey, Margery Glickman, Emily, Betsey, Becky, Brandi, Deborah, Adriaan, Bill Mea, Richard Atkinson, grace, T., Meta Hara, Julie, Megan, Priscilla Palmer, Joh, Steve Sherlock, Terri, carolee, Amy McCracken, ellouise, Roger, Shelley Dickerson, Lill Hawkins, Radiant woman, Raquel Xamani Icart, maddie, Roberta Youtan Kay, Carmen, Esther, Catherine, Mary Anne, Ann Moore, Toni, Chelsea, Kim Moser, Karen (Lion and Magic Boy), Jack Yan, blue girl, ren.kat, Chris, Shula, Mike Duffy, rebecca, Sara Gold, Jayne, Jennifer, Julie, david, Trish, Chris Bailey, Donna (kygirl), bee, Cate, Maxine Dangerous, tanaya, Lori Pelham Cobbs, Carla, Meg, Voice of Sanity, Susi, Kerstin, Carrine Langley, Jillian, Ann Torrence, Dean Fuhrman, Kris, Vera, Virginia W. Pence, Dr. Jillian T. Weiss, Joan Fowler, Nancy MacDonald, The Old Foodie, Jeannie, Lela, Susan, Gerry, mary castagnoli, Connie, Jeannie, Chris Corrigan, Jeris, Jeremy, Rita Cartwright, Danielle Keister, Christine Kane, Catherine Faherty, storyteller, Karynne Courts, kim, David B. Drake, Liz Plummer, Jill, jenclair, Tina Su, Judy, Kait, Sandy Renshaw, Tyn, Lela, Cindy Jones Lantier, NaughtsNCrosses, Nina, Princess Haiku, Wyanne, stephanie, Judith Green, sue, Susan, atticus, Joan, LLinda, e.beck, Kathryn Knoll, Talia, Callie, Viv McWaters, Nancy Bea, Amy Lenzo, Matt, Kelli Schwert, Victoria, Fred, Tawanda, Dawn, colleen, Jeris, Nancy, Caren, John Maver, piscesgrrl, dandelionseeds, Cat, Dave Pollard, Carrie K, lawyerpoet, Betsy Hilt, Katie Green, Ronnie Brown, Sharon, t -rae, Donna, Joh, Barbara D., Karen

Shall we continue the conversation on the other side of 2007, in 2008 and beyond? Let’s.

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  1. Patti: Best wishes to you and your family in 2008! Should be an interesting year.

  2. Patti, as always…your light shines bright. And your influence on my over this past year has been brilliant. Thank you for being there just when I seemed to have needed your words the most. Hopefully, we’ll find ourselves on a bus together soon again.

  3. Patti, our thanks to you for letting us be a part of your journey. Best wishes on the new year.

  4. Patti!

    Here’s to another year with 37Days. I hope the concept, and life, continues to drive you and drive all of us. I can’t count the number of times the reminder of 37 days has inspired me.


  5. Patti – it is always an honor to be in the same orbit as you. I wish you all the best in 2008, and may every 37-day-set you experience be your best yet! Carpe Factum!

  6. It’s been a hoot.

  7. Dear Patti,

    I’m glad to know you in intentional community, intentional and unintentional humor, and through a shared love of words as one of the many ways the world is made more beautiful, more beguiling, and more ponderous (i.e., skinny dipping happens most often and most deliriously in ponds, Mary Oliver shows us that ponds are prayers, and Narcissus fell into one). So glad to know you enjoyed the writing assignments enough to include me in your community. Please, by all means, also extend my gratitude to your ghost writer.

    Best wishes for health and prosperity on all levels in 2008.

    Donna (S.)

  8. This sight has done more for me than I could ever explain, so thank you for including me. Happy 2008…

  9. Cheers- Your writing and sense of humor are always a bright light.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Thank you for expanding my vision of the world and making my days more meaningful, Patti. I am so grateful that my Internet wanderings led me here.

    Good luck on that de-cluttering intention! I’ll be digging through my land mine basement during the next few months, trying to make some sort of order out of the chaos. Perhaps I will make some sense of my past as well.

    Best wishes to you and your family as we begin to count the days again – may we all be blessed with more than 37.

  11. [Insert witty yet insightful comment here.]

    Happy New Year, Patti.

    yr friend Joy

  12. Happy New Year! Many thanks for what you have contributed to my life–new ways of thinking about things and a better awareness. I look forward to reading more.

  13. Happy New Year! Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and well 2008!

    (Wow, that’s one heck of a list of commenters, too!)

  14. Patti, I bow to you for all that you gave to me in 2007. I don’t mean that in a subservient way…I mean as in NAMASTE. xoxo

  15. Lovely community..I’ve been clicking the links and will visit more later. I’m not surprised to find so many creative, open, caring journal / bloggers here.

    Blessings in the New Year &
    thanks for all you do Patti!

  16. I love the idea of honoring all the people who participate in your blog. I am sure they all feel, as I do, that you add far more to our lives than we could ever add to yours. I am so pleased to discover some new blogists here. As Grace says, it is no surprise that they are so often thoughtful and though-provoking.

  17. Happy New Year to you and your family, Patti! Thanks for being so gracious and remembering me; I’m honored! =)

  18. Thank *you* for all that you share with us. I wish you only the best in 2008 :)

  19. Thanks for linking me. Much appreciated. :)

    Have a great year 2008!!

    Love & Gratitude,
    Think Simple Now. ~ Clarity & Happiness

  20. A week late, but no less heartfelt. Thank YOU for continuing to open up my mind.

  21. Patti, thank you for the mention and the kind link, and many blessings to you for 2008!

  22. Hi Patti,

    As a fellow narrative practitioner, I find your work inspiring.

    My dad’s 37 days came unannounced one afternoon in 1999 while I happened to be in Italy on holiday. I missed out on that precious time in the wake of a death…but have used that event as a marker to remain more current with people. I hope they will do the same for me. One never knows when one’s own 37 days have begun…

    Thanks for creating space for us to find you and one another.

  23. Thanks patti, this is sweet and inspiring to read the comments. I re-read my comments too and I feel so connected with every one of the people that took the time to comment. Have fun in the next year of blogging. See you, feel you, touched by you. Miriam