VerbTribe 2 – Master Class


NOTE: This class is open only to alumni of VerbTribe.

In this next 37-day journey, now that your practice of writing has been established, we will further embed it into your life by digging deeper into the art and craft of writing (and reading with a critical eye).

There may well be some banana writing involved. One never knows.

Participants will recognize the format in our Ruzuku classroom, and will be challenged more intently by the assignments themselves, as a Master Class would warrant. You can expect prompts every two days in this Master Class, rather than every day. This will allow for deeper exploration of each concept and each draft.

If you want to continue this process of writing, learning, sharing, and deepening your love of and respect for the power of words to change lives, including your own, I hope you’ll join me for this Master Class.

Begins June 12 and ends July 18th, 2014.

Please note: We will have live classes every Tuesday during the Master Class, for a total of 5 live classes.

Live classes on Tuesdays from 7:30-8:45pm Eastern.

June 17

July 1, 8, 15, and 22.

I hope you will join me for this extraordinary journey deeper into your own writing.

To register, go here.

Life is short. Write accordingly.