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Verb Tribe

Do you long to write, but have not been able to find your writing tribe

and create a sustainable writing practice?

Do both by becoming a member of the always sold-out VerbTribe.

Join hundreds of people who have experienced VerbTribe and you’ll be able to check that off your list – because VerbTribe will help you create a sustainable writing practice once and for all–and you will be able to join a tight knit community of writers who are supportive at the same time.

VerbTribe – Spring 2014

April 10-May 16, 2014

(limited to 12 participants)

  • You want to leave behind the stories of your life for your kids or grandkids.
  • You want to finally finish that novel you’ve been working on for 9 years.
  • You’re a poet who has lost her muse in the piles of laundry.
  • You used to journal, but don’t any longer–and want to again.
  • You want to write a book, get an agent, make millions, and have Sandra Bullock or Johnny Depp play you in the movie.

Up until now you have started and stopped dozens of times.  You’ve taken a tentative step forward, but shrunk away in a sea of self doubt or in the chaos of daily life.

You want to finally develop a consistent, sustainable, daily writing practice that feels great, helps you see life more clearly, forces you to pay attention in new ways — but you can’t.

Until now.

That’s what VerbTribe is for.  It’s for the writer who is committed to the task, but needs help and support to get there.

If you are committed to writing, let’s sit down and write together. Because a writer is the person who stays in the room, sits back down, and writes, no matter how fascinating the laundry just got.


Patti DighMy name is Patti Digh.  I’m a writer.

It’s taken me a very long time to own that, to say that.

Before I started this process, I didn’t even have a blog. Now I’ve been writing consistently at 37days for seven years and have written over 1,500 posts, 100+ published articles, and seven books.

I’d like to share how I did that with you.

When you join the VerbTribe, you won’t be asked to lock yourself in your room and write for five hours a day, but it does involve a daily commitment to create.  I’ll be here to guide the way. All you need to do is write and trust that it adds up. It truly does. Threads show themselves when you make sure that inspiration strikes every morning at 9am or every evening at 9pm — your schedule, your way, but writing consistently is what members of the VerbTribe do.

We’re going to focus on process, not product. We’re going to focus on writing as a verb. The act of writing. The sitting down, the pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Only then we can focus on form, content, voice. Each are vital. You can know everything there is to know about writing–but if you’re not cultivating a writing practice, it won’t help.

Together, we’ll dive into the art of writing. We’ll explore ways to stop making excuses and get writing. I’ll be your writing coach, mentor, and nudger.

We’re going to do this for 37 days at a time–because I believe you can change your life in 37 days. In fact, I know you can.

“VerbTribe changed, and continues to change, my life. I honestly realize that it was about more than establishing a writing practice. It was about trusting our voices, and celebrating each other along the way. It was not just about writing, it was about living. Daringly. Tenderly. Truthfully. I am deeply grateful.” – Amy Rawe
“After only 8 days, I am remembering WHY I write and HOW I write. The daily work seems so simple and easy, yet it has taken me deep into places I had forgotten and am so glad to be rediscovering. This course is about so much more than just creating a regular writing practice. It is about connection and adventure and exploring our edges, using our words to find the way.” -Ruth Davis
“Thank you, Patti, for having torn my world apart in such a glorious way. For stripping away my excuses, my fears, my self-imposed hurdles. For helping me to come to terms with writing-related ghosts and skeletons that littered my life and to finally be able to lay them to rest. And perhaps most important of all, for helping me to build a foundation for my writing practice that I never could have done without the love and support of my tribe. I know they say to “never say never,” but once you’ve seen life through the eyes of being a VerbTribe member, you truly can never go back to who you once were. And that – THAT is truly priceless to me. With more gratitude than I know how to express.” – Donna Schwender

After 37 days in the VerbTribe you will have:

  • A clear understanding of the patterns that have stopped you from writing in the past
  • The capacity to write each and every day (intention) — regardless of what is going on in your daily life (circumstance)
  • Tools to improve both your writing process and product
  • A clear view of what you long to say in the world
  • A community of peers to stay in touch with as support for each other
  • A way into your unique voice
“Never before have I been a part of such an expansive, creative, supportive community of writers all showing up to learn and grow as writers and to develop a daily practice of writing. My life is changing as a writer but also as a person. Patti’s course, her insights and gentle guidance have opened my heart to deeper, more truthful intentions for why I want to write in the first place and how I want to be in the world. Her daily prompts and task activities have taken me to levels I have never been before, and have afforded me the opportunity to both see what gets in the way and what can serve my writing better. Before my own eyes and by witness of my Tribe and Patti (and my witnessing of them, for this is a shared experience in VerbTribe) I am discovering where the heart of writing lives and breathes and I am bringing it to the page, without apology, as an offering to the sacred act of writing and to standing and living in the truth of our own voices. So naturally, I’m heading into her Master Class next!-Jenn Forgie

What you get:

  • My attention, encouragement, and expertise as the author of seven books, including the bestsellers, Life is a Verb and Creative is a Verb.
  • Provocative, imagination-busting daily writing prompts – every single day for the duration of the time you’re enrolled.
  • A structure for writing–and accountability.
  • Daily online assignments
  • Five 75-minute group workshop calls for writing workshop, reviews, and coaching on April 15, 22, 29, and May 6, 13 from 7:30-8:45pm ET / 4:30-5:45pm PT.
  • Recordings of every call for you to listen to on your schedule.
  • Members-only private online group for community support and further feedback from me for the duration of the class (37 days), plus two weeks.
  • An opportunity to publish on my blog, 37days, and in an upcoming VerbTribe literary journal.
  • An invitation to join the VerbTribe Alumni group after completion of VerbTribe.

“The combination of guidance, respect, and freedom has been the thing I’ve most wanted to thank all of you and Patti for since the beginning… not just another how-to, that’s for sure. I paid a pittance and got my life back… – Ginny Snyder

What I ask you to bring:

  • Commitment to developing a sustainable writing practice.
  • Commitment to doing the work.
  • Commitment to reading the work of others and learning how to workshop them constructively.
  • Commitment to your own voice.
  • Commitment to showing up–fully.
  • Commitment to never apologizing for your work–and never making excuses.

The class runs from April 10-May 16, 2014 (37 days).

Limited to 12 participants.

I limit the number of Tribe members to 12 each session. This guarantees the intimacy and attention each member deserves.

“VerbTribe = 37 days toward building a sustainable writing practice. We’re on day 10. This has already been a game changer for me with most changes having nothing to do with writing. That Patti Digh lets people believe she’s all southern charmy and genteel but she’s an ass kicker of the highest caliber… -Martha Atkins

100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn RedIf you do all the homework for 10 days and realize this isn’t for you, I’ll refund 100% of your money. But in order to get the refund, you’ll need to submit your homework for those 10 days because it’s my job to offer a strong curriculum, and it’s your job to do the work. We can only succeed if we’re partners in this work.


VerbTribe: $375 / Early-bird is $350 until March 31, 2014.


Life is short. Write accordingly.

- Patti