tuesday reads.

By on Jan 22, 2013 | 5 comments

Tuesday reads 1-22-13

Still working on Half of a Yellow Sun and Keeper.

Watching the author of Half of a Yellow Sun’s TED talk again. Thinking about narratives a lot.

I’m loving reading Keeper to Tess at bedtime. Before I started it, I read an irate review from someone horrified that the old man, Mr Beauchamp, was at one point remembering his childhood in France and how he loved a boy in his village and would hold hands with him.  The reviewer was irate that a children’s book would include a gay relationship. Framing is everything–and I know from many situations in my life that others take on our angst and anxiety. Children have a capacity for great complexity as readers and as human beings; we cannot underestimate that. Tess and I are loving diving back into it at bedtime every night. There is suspense and wonder and poignancy and challenge for the 10-year-old main character, Keeper, with whom Tess identifies.

I am also reading The Sociopath Next Door, prompted by my musings about Lance Armstrong and someone I used to know whose behavior reminds me of his. Illuminating. It is explaining a lot. Thanks to Sherold for recommending it.

And I am beginning my annual (and often bi-annual) re-read of Art & Fear, a fantastic book about art-making and what stops us from being our most creative selves. It’s a must-read in my book.

What are you reading?