tuesday reads.

Tuesday reads 1-22-13

Still working on Half of a Yellow Sun and Keeper.

Watching the author of Half of a Yellow Sun’s TED talk again. Thinking about narratives a lot.

I’m loving reading Keeper to Tess at bedtime. Before I started it, I read an irate review from someone horrified that the old man, Mr Beauchamp, was at one point remembering his childhood in France and how he loved a boy in his village and would hold hands with him.  The reviewer was irate that a children’s book would include a gay relationship. Framing is everything–and I know from many situations in my life that others take on our angst and anxiety. Children have a capacity for great complexity as readers and as human beings; we cannot underestimate that. Tess and I are loving diving back into it at bedtime every night. There is suspense and wonder and poignancy and challenge for the 10-year-old main character, Keeper, with whom Tess identifies.

I am also reading The Sociopath Next Door, prompted by my musings about Lance Armstrong and someone I used to know whose behavior reminds me of his. Illuminating. It is explaining a lot. Thanks to Sherold for recommending it.

And I am beginning my annual (and often bi-annual) re-read of Art & Fear, a fantastic book about art-making and what stops us from being our most creative selves. It’s a must-read in my book.

What are you reading?



  1. I finished Half a Yellow Sun and then immediately read When Women Were Birds. I loved the different reminders about voice and speaking and repressions, thanks for the reminder to re-read Art & Fear!

  2. If you like the sociopath next door, try reading The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. It’s really good.

  3. I’m reading “Life is a Verb,” which I found at the library last week. It brought me to this site today and also caused me to write in an email (at work), “your Blackberry screen must be messing with you” this morning. I like the jolt I got from being playful with language. I just finished “The Casual Vacancy” and I loved it, loved it, loved it. Next on the list is probably “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.”

  4. I am reading the Diviners, just finished Night Circus, still working through Creative is a Verb, and I have After the Snow as my “backup” book. Headed off right now to read. Thinking about picking up Keeper, Art & Fear and Sociopath (which I am starting to realize that 1 in 25 is really close to home).

  5. I just started reading David Whyte’s The Three Marriages, which is sinking deep and making slow and certain waves.