Why 37days?



“Patti Digh has the unique ability as a speaker to make you wake up, dig deep, learn profoundly, and alternate between clutching your gut with laughter and gushing tears for the deep truth, beauty and wisdom of her stories. She is one of the best speakers I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of them.”-Pamela Slim, author, Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur

“I would like to extend a huge thank you for your dynamic opening keynote presentation at the ACA Annual Conference & Exposition. Your warmth, wisdom, simplicity and humanity filled the room, and your words were very present to everyone. The opening keynote session sets the tone for the conference, and you should know, attendees were on a high all day… what an awesome presentation!!! The feedback was full of enthusiasm, people felt inspired and delighted by the experience – touched and moved. Our members are still talking about your book “Life is a Verb” and how it made them look at their lives differently. As a result of your presentation, this year’s conference was among the best our organization has ever held!” -Robin Hayes, Director, Conference & Meeting Services, American Counseling Association

“Having served as the director of education for several large associations, I am quite selective and critical when it comes to evaluating speakers. It seems so difficult to find speakers, especially female speakers, who are engaging and who have a substantive message. Patti Digh is one of them! Patti connects with the audience immediately with her stories and her tailored messages. I love Patti’s speaking style. It’s low key yet dynamic enough to command an audience of 6000+.” -Anne Blouin, CAE, American Society of Association Executives

“Every once in a while, there comes a speaker who makes you forget you’re sitting in a ballroom, in a strange city, eating bad food, forcing a smile, exchanging business cards with people you’ll never talk with again. Every once in a while, there comes a speaker who lifts an audience, transcending time and space with laughter, tears and a profound recognition of the beauty of our ‘normal’ lives. Patti Digh is just such a speaker. If I had 37 days to live, I’d want to live them listening to, and learning from, Patti.”-Michele Woodward, Founder of the Enlightened Executive Institute

“Our members run multi-million dollar programs and demand top quality speakers. Patti Digh did an outstanding job of engaging this group over two days. The evaluations were excellent and I could not have been more pleased. Her ability to build rapport with her audience through sincerity, warmth and being a good listener as well as speaker, makes her one of the best we have had.”-Barbara S. Belmont, CAE, Executive Director, American School Food Service Association

“Patti brings warmth and wit to all of her ‘conversations’ and has an uncanny ability to connect with the individual no matter the size of the audience. Her ideas, messages and wisdom quietly come to life through beautiful stories based on the complexities of life and are seamlessly made part of the fabric of her presentation. She is a real person, a woman of principle, and a must listen.” -William H. Banzhaf, Executive Vice President, Society of American Foresters