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Patti Digh has given hundreds of speeches to audiences across the U.S. and in over 60 countries. The author of six books and over 100 published articles, she brings experience, eloquence, and energy to conferences and events.

To discuss having Patti Digh as your keynote speaker, please contact her at patti[at]pattidigh[dot]com, or: 828-278-8372

Your audiences want to know that their lives and their work matter.

They want to hear stories that stick, not bar charts that daze them.

Your audiences want to laugh–and think–and remember stories that can change their lives. They want a new perspective. They want speeches to remember about things that matter. And they crave hearing a gifted speaker who is unique, full of heart, and wise.

Author of six books including the bestseller, Life is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally, Patti Digh is a master Southern storyteller with an edge — and with an eye toward creating community in every audience. Her authentic, laugh-out-loud stories will touch your audience’s hearts deeply–and they will long remember the stories she tells to illustrate how to live fully, love well, let go deeply, and make a difference.

Patti will get your audience out of their seats and into community, into heart, into what truly matters about your industry, their work, and their lives.

“Patti Digh has the unique ability as a speaker to make you wake up, dig deep, learn profoundly, and alternate between clutching your gut with laughter and gushing tears for the deep truth, beauty and wisdom of her stories. She is one of the best speakers I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of them.-Pamela Slim, author, Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur

Patti’s 25 years of experience as a nonprofit executive and corporate consultant give her a unique perspective from which to engage your group. Her first book was a Fortune magazine “best business book” for the year 2000. So she knows what it means to work in a business environment. In fact, her first two books focused on just that: Leadership and diversity in a global business environment.

As at home in a corporate boardroom as she is in a K-12 classroom, Patti’s warm, engaging style will wake up your audience to what really matters in life. She is the rare speaker who can make the person in the back row of a 5,000-person audience feel as if she is talking just to them.

What do you want as a meeting or event planner?

Do you want a truly memorable experience at your conference?

Do you want a keynote that can set the stage for a great conference for you?

Do you want your audience to laugh and feel connected, whether it’s a group of 100 or 10,000?

Do you want a speaker who learns about your group and customizes her speech to them–and who never sells from the stage?

Do you want a speaker who always shows up and delivers (even in the worst ice storm to hit Atlanta in decades, for example)?

Do you want a speaker who consistently is the top-ranked presenter at the conferences in which she is featured?

Do you want a speaker who creates great energy at your conference and whose memorable presentation will ensure glowing word-of-mouth mentions of your meeting?

Patti is most often asked to open conferences because event planners know she will deliver a magical beginning that will provide their conference with a community-building start. Her speeches help people dig deep–and you’ll see that depth and generosity to others play out throughout your conference.

Speeches that Stick

Patti customizes her talks for each group she addresses. Some of her more popular topics include:

Life is a Verb: Six Practices for More Intentional Living (and Working)

Community is a Verb: Creating Structures of Belonging

Learning is a Verb: Six Practices for More Intentional Teaching

Inclusion is a Verb: Moving Beyond Diversity to Create Inclusive Workplaces

Leadership is a Verb: Four Practices for Mindful Leadership

Creativity is a Verb: Actions for Mindful Innovation

Story is a Verb: Making Meaning of Our Lives through the Stories We Live

Writing is a Verb: Creating Mindful Writing Practices that are Sustainable


Ideal Audiences

Patti has spoken to corporate audiences, spiritual conferences, women’s gatherings, school groups and educational meetings, healthcare organizations, association conferences both nationally and internationally, and much more.

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To discuss having Patti Digh as your keynote speaker, please contact her at patti[at]pattidigh[dot]com, or: 828-278-8372


“Every once in a while, there comes a speaker who makes you forget you’re sitting in a ballroom, in a strange city, eating bad food, forcing a smile, exchanging business cards with people you’ll never talk with again. Every once in a while, there comes a speaker who lifts an audience, transcending time and space with laughter, tears and a profound recognition of the beauty of our ‘normal’ lives. Patti Digh is just such a speaker. If I had 37 days to live, I’d want to live them listening to, and learning from, Patti.” -Michele Woodward, Founder of the Enlightened Executive Institute


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Patti Digh is one of those rare speakers who can immediately connect with her audience, whether she is speaking to a small group of 10 or an auditorium of 10,000. She weaves stories and anecdotes into an amazingly perceptive and sharp look at issues and situations. And she brings her own fresh and thoughtful perspective, grounded in reality and research.” -Gay Clyburn, Director of Communications & Information, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Some Interviews for Additional Insight:

“Patti Digh is a midwife to all those stories we don’t tell–and that we need to hear.” -Leonie Dawson, World’s Biggest Summit


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To discuss having Patti Digh as your keynote speaker, please contact her at patti[at]pattidigh[dot]com, or: 828-278-8372

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