simple saturday. decluttering. clearing.

Zen vase


Read these essays. Don't print them out and add to the clutter. Just read them as they float magically on the screen in front of you. Then take just one action today based on reading them.

decluttering zen (I especially like the suggestions to "create a 30-day list" and "create a 'maybe' box")

this devine decluttering e-course looks interesting

try the 27-fling boogie or the 5-minute room rescue

simple. spacious. sublime. supportive. sacred.

(photo from here)


  1. I have a long relationship with decluttering – it simply makes me happy to live in a tidy, organized house. I’ve used the Flylady techniques off and on for a couple years now; it’s a little obsessive, but I like the routine. And my house looks really good. ;)

  2. Thanks for the links! I did away with an oversized coffee table I never liked the other night, rearranged furniture, and now my tiny apartment looks twice as big. Still on a decluttering high:)