Thankyouhedgehog If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice. Meister Eckhart

In August 2009, I started writing a thank-you note every morning.

It has created an overwhelming spirit of thankfulness, gratitude, and spaciousness in my life. Where I look for reasons to say thank you, I find them. Every single day.

Even if you don't do one every morning, write one today.

Each day provides such opportunities for thankfulness. This week, for instance, this woman got a thank-you note from me. Recipients have included grade school teachers, the doctor in graduate school who took my headache seriously, my amazing art history professor in Munich, the high school track star who stopped to help an opposing team's runner, knowing she would disqualify herself in the process, the hotel maid who retrieved my laptop power cord and brought it to the meeting room where I was presenting, a poet activist, the nice people who make Zhena Coconut Chai tea, writers whose work has made me gasp in recognition, and many more. Even so, I am woefully behind in writing all those I want to thank.

Simple action Saturday. Write a thank-you note today.

Look for opportunities to write one every day.

Carry note cards with you always. You never know when a thankful spirit will overcome you, like a gratitude flu, a thankful fever, a hot flash of knowing and a simple namaste of connectedness.

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