Send him a holiday, his last.

Noah I believe we can rock this little boy's world, you and I and all the people we know all around the world.

I checked on Snopes; this one is for real:

5-yr old Noah Biorkman is in the last stages of neuroblastoma cancer. His family is celebrating Christmas next week and all he wants are Christmas cards. Let's see how many we can get to him from all over the world very quickly–tell your friends in Japan and Papua New Guinea and South Africa and across the U.S. and beyond. I see thousands – THOUSANDS – of cards telling little Noah (and his grieving family) that in this big wide world, he matters.

Noah Biorkman

1141 Fountain View Circle

South Lyon MI 48178

(Thanks to Evelyn Kalinosky for pointing me to this.)


  1. I have tons of Christmas cards…buy them and never make the time to send them out…I will pick a cute cat one for him.

  2. Done.

  3. On it.

  4. Done. Thanks for posting about this, Patti.

  5. An update on Carepages from Noah’s mom:

    Hello Everyone!

    We received 80,000 pieces of mail on Monday alone! We even received mail today on Veteran’s Day! Yes, the Post Office is closed today, yet, we still got mail!

    My garage is so full that we asking for everyone to please send all communications to Noah’s father’s house.

    Everything should go to the following:

    Scott Biorkman
    3480 Petoskey Way
    Milford, Michigan 48380

    Please post on all Facebook accounts the address change. I literally don’t have any more room.

    Thank you for your support. Our family really appreciates it!!

  6. Carepages update from Noah’s mom:

    Wow! The outpouring of love and concern for Noah is just amazing! Scott and I never in a million years thought that so many people would want to send Christmas cards to Noah. However, please note: We did already celebrate Christmas LAST Sunday — November 8th.


    Noah is very ill. He is not getting out of bed and it’s time for Scott, our families, and I to concentrate on our son. His time is very short and he needs us.

    Scott and I would like to say thank you so much for the support and continued show of love. However, we are asking that everyone please stop sending cards and gifts.

    Also, everyone please post the stop order on Facebook and any other websites or organizations that you belong to. We need the peace right now.

    Thank you for your understanding in this request.

  7. You can send messages to Noah and his family via

    Someone posted a comment if the money for stamps (100K+ letters)could have been donated to cancer research in Noah’s name.

    A message was posted on Carepages that an AMMO unit had dedicated a bomb in Noah’s name and would be sent in defense of our country. And this just struck me as…well wrong… any thoughts?

  8. Update Nov 24th from Noah’s mom:

    After a long battle with Stage IV Neruorblastoma cancer, Monday morning at 8:02 AM, Noah Biorkman passed away at his home in South Lyon, Michigan.

    Scott and I, along with our families, would like to thank everyone for the continued support over the past few years during Noah’s illness. As most of you know, Noah has received more than one million Christmas cards over the past few weeks. The outpouring of love and compassion has been remarkable and we are extremely grateful. We are now asking for everyone please respect our privacy during this very difficult time. The funeral services will be for family only. We are asking that instead of sending cards and flowers to Scott and me; please make a donation in Noah’s name to either of the organizations below. With your donation, Noah’s legacy will live on for many years to come, if not forever.

    Thank you so much for your support and love.

    The Biorkman Family

    Please send donations to the following:

    Department of Pediatrics and Oncology
    University of Michigan
    1500 East Medical Center Drive
    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-5718
    Checks payable to: The University of Michigan – Noah’s Pediatric Oncology Fund


    Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan
    230 Huron View Blvd.
    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103
    Checks payable to: Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan – Memo: Noah Biorkman