Patti Digh video photo

Today, I am quietly celebrating the 12th anniversary of beginning this blog.

Starting this blog saved my life, changed my life, changed my relationship with words and with myself. It opened up space for me to dive into language in a way the business books I had previously written did not. It opened up friendships with people around the world whom I have come to love–people I would otherwise have never met. It was the genesis for my last six books, Life is a Verb Camp, and so much more.

It was begun with a single intention: to leave behind my stories for my two children.

In these twelve years, it has gotten lost a few times as I have changed my life and work to care for our youngest child, diagnosed with Autism in 2012. But as I enter my 12th year writing here, after over 300 posts each year since 2005, it is finding its way back.

Happy birthday, dear blog. Welcome home.