happy 8th birthday, 37days!

WOW cake

Eight years ago today, I started writing 37days.

It changed my life. Completely.

Not only the writing–finding my way into words in a fuller, more significant way–but also getting to know the amazing community that has gathered around this work and these simple ideas of loving well, living fully, letting go deeply, and making a difference.

To celebrate this eighth anniversary, a special at my new store:

  • The first 37 people to use code LIV37E will get the downloadable audio book of Life is a Verb for just $.37! THIRTY-SEVEN CENTS! (After 37 purchases, the code will become invalid, so hurry!)
  • All others who use code LIV37A will get $10 off; valid until January 31, 2013.

Here’s the link to order!

Happy birthday, 37 days! With thanks for all who interact here.

Please help me mark this anniversary by doing a random act of kindness today. Let me know what you did in the comments below!


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  1. HI Patti,
    I was one of the lucky 37 people (I took a screenshot incase you wanted to see it!), however I cancelled my order, because there was a mandatory shipping fee for 9.95. I didn’t think I should pay the shipping fee as it is a downloadable item, but I wanted to check with you first. Is there a way to not pay shipping, or is that the only option to purchase. Either way, thank you for the discounts and hopefully I can purchase later.

    • Erin – please try again! that was an error in the shop set-up and should have been resolved now!

  2. Happy BIRTHDAY, 37days!!!!!!! :))))) YOU ROCK! :))) for sure :)))) Smiles, Anke :)

  3. I was a lucky duck, too!!

    What’s funny is I’d just posted yesterday and today’s Daily Rock on http://becurrie.blogspot.com/ and was berating myself for what felt like me BEing extraordinarily cranky about other people who have to go to DO their laundry, same as me, and ride the bus, same as me…

    And then I realised that I was BEing unkind to myself. Somedays I am NOT a Girl Sprout. Somedays I can even BE a bit of bit-wich… but I still smiled and said thank you to the laundry lady and the bus drivers…

    Room for improvement is a good thing. Happy Birthday 37 Days!! This is a wondrous giftie for ME!! You’ve no idea. So, thanks Patti for the code and yay, Now it is downloaded. Will BE such a treat to have your here/hear in the Wee Cottage!!

  4. I am going to try this one more time.

    I was very excited to be able to get your audio book for 37 cents. But as you or your marketing department know the minumum amout for credit cards and paypal is 50 cents. I tried to find something else to order but the cheapest thing was a bumpersticker. This may be a mistake but I am very disaponted that you would use this kind of method to get more money.

    I was looking forward to listening to your book since reading is so difficult. I am going through a very messy divorce and I was looking for something uplifting.

    • Trisha –

      I’m so sorry – I can assure you that we didn’t “use this kind of method to get more money.” That’s quite a big assumption on your part, and not at all true. I didn’t know about the .50 minimum amount, and I can assure you had I known that, I would not have done this promotion in this way (and many others were able to use the promotion successfully). But to go from that to my trying to get more money is simply unfounded and, quite honestly, hurtful. I wish you all the best. If you will provide me with your email address, we will send you the download.


  5. Sent you the download so you can enjoy it!