Why 37days?

your daily rock

My hope is that these daily rocks and meditation/writing prompts will be useful to you as you ground each day in more mindful and intentional living. Take just 2 minutes to ponder Your Daily Rock as you begin your day.

You are deeply textured. Love the bright and the dark hues.


About the Artist

“Love is the answer to every question.” is my life mantra.
Kim de Broin Mailhot, aka the Rock Fairy, is a mixed media artist and an artful blogger. Kim paints messages of inspiration on smooth stones she gathers from the beach near her home in New Hampshire. She then gives the rocks away, leaving anywhere and everywhere on her daily travels. Sometimes, she leaves them at the highway rest area, other times she offers one to the teller at her bank’s drive up window. It is Kim’s way of putting a little more love into the world, and the gifts it brings back to her are immeasurable! Kim is happy to make the rocks available for others who want to join in her love spreading project. She donates bags of “Rock My World” rocks for fundraising projects for charities. The painted rocks can also be purchased at Patti Digh’s 37 ‘s Days Store, and in Kim’s own on-line Etsy shop, Queen of Arts Studio. Kim is very proud to have collaborated with Patti and her team to make “Your Daily Rock” a source of inspiration for all of Patti’s readers each day. Rock on, Beautiful Ones!