closing registration for Project 137


UPDATE: The last of the 1,000 tickets sold out in an hour last night. If you want info should seats open up, please join the wait list here.

There is something amazing happening in Project 137. I hardly know how to describe it. Perhaps it is the magic of wholehearted people meeting each other. Something. Something is up. There is wisdom and power in it, that much is clear after only 5 days.

There are 880 people in Project 137 so far. I’ve decided to close registration this coming Sunday or when we reach 1,000 people, whichever comes first. So, 120 spaces remain and are disappearing at a rate of 100 a day. If you are interested in heightening your mindfulness, clearing ground, and doing so in community, please join us. Information is here.


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  1. Hi Patti – I’m confused about Project 137 – I joined, but don’t know exactly how this works or where I go to. Have you all in my heart . . . sorry to bother you, but can you explain how this works.

  2. Hoping to be able to join and ba a part of this super-great group!

  3. I would like to join. I hope it is not too late. My donation is forthcoming and my email is Please let me know if it is possible.

  4. I am so glad I read your post and joined Project 137. I have completed the first two days and have been reading some of the posts and facebook comments. What a terrific group. Thanks so much.