Why 37days?




Writers Block (Themselves)

I get so many emails from people who want to be writers. We tell ourselves so many reasons that we can’t write.
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Women on Writing

Interview with Patti Digh

“What would you be doing today if you only had 37 days to live?” By asking this simple but powerful question every morning, Patti Digh—an internationally recognized diversity expert and mother of two—transformed her life.
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White Hot Truth

Burning Questions with Patti Digh

What is the question that you are currently living?
The question I live every morning is the one that started me on my current journey:
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Principled Innovation Podcast

Patti Digh on the Principled Innovation Podcast(click here to listen)

Winkipod Australia

Winkipod Australia

Carrie and Danielle

Carrie and Danielle: The Patti Digh interview
Just by virtue of being you, what are you teaching?
I think it’s next to impossible for us to tell what we are teaching by being ourselves. Because the lessons I think I’m imparting—to my daughters for example—are probably not the lessons they are getting.
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