Why 37days?



“Damn girl, you write good.”
- Lee Hancock, Dallas Morning News

“Patti Digh writes like her hair is burning…”

“Oh, wait – did I just say written by Patti? Well, it is, the words are hers. But the sense I get when I read her book, or her blog, 37 Days, is more that Patti is one part of a lovely interconnected web of people, places and experiences, and while she does write from her unique perspective from her place on the web, she’s also able to take a deep breath, somehow put herself above it all, and write from a place of seeing the connections within the web.”
-Open-Hearted Life

Reader Comments

A Sampling of the thousands of comments from Patti’s blog, “37days”, from which Life is a Verb emerged:

“Patti Digh is a magician who is able to call to the noblest, most generous self inside each of us, while at the same time commiserating about the little failures and challenges which life delivers on an unscheduled basis. She is fearless in baring her soul, and her writing is engaging to the reader in a fashion which leaves one compelled to feel what she writes to one’s very depths.”
-Rick, Denver, Colorado

“It’s intelligent, thoughtful, inspiring and real. Please don’t ever stop.”
–New Zealand

“Another stunning post from Patti Digh…

“You are my best guide. Ever.”

“Your story is powerful and meaningful and can inspire others. It seriously is the best I have ever read.”
-New Zealand

“Patti Digh’s work will not change your life. Instead, it’ll open your eyes to just how brilliantly, miraculously, amazingly important your existence already is.”
-Siona, Boulder, Colorado

“I have lived more than 74 years and you made me cry—I don’t cry often. I think I may have lived too long, seen too much, and  loved too little.”
– U.S.

“All of us struggle at times with questions of identity and purpose – Who am I? What should I make of my life?  Patti Digh perceptively guides us to the answers….[Yeah, it's so serious. But I'm sure your publisher would never choose this blurb: 'Patti Digh is THE MOST AWESOME WRITER EVAH! This book is full of win.']”
-Kim, Columbus, Ohio

“You make me stop and examine my own reactions and behaviors.”

“I cannot possibly tell you how significant your reflections are to me…I am quiet over them.”
–Washington, D.C.

“You’re helping all of us to say what we know and act on those truths.”

“Your writing totally captivates me.”

“I continue to read 37days with awe and delight, and often with a profound awakening to ideas and possibility.”

“Last week’s piece left me unable to move.”

“You are just the best writer I know. And this week’s 37days is a masterpiece. It is a mystery, a love story, a drama and a fable all wrapped up in one compelling 10 minute read. I don’t know how you do it but I sure hope you never stop!