Why 37days?


Who I Am


Short and Sweet

I’m a writer, a speaker, and a mom. My work opens space for people to say a big “YES” to their lives–before it’s too late. I’m about living like you’re dying–because you are. Each moment is precious, and magic. It’s hard to remember that when the laundry piles up and the dishes need washing, I know. My job is to remind you, through my writing, teaching, and speaking, that those “ordinary” things are your life–and to see what is extraordinary in them. To help you tell a story with your life that you’ll love and be proud of at the end of it.

I turned 50 and got a tattoo (predictable, right?) to mark that passage and to remind me always of three core questions from Buddha that guide me:

How well did you love?
How fully did you live?
How deeply did you let go?

You don’t have to be Buddhist to appreciate the wisdom of those three questions, to which I added another:

Did you make a difference?

My Story

I was born in a small Southern town in North Carolina. I went to a small Quaker college (Guilford College) and then to graduate school in English and Art History at the University of Virginia. (I talk about what I studied there on this podcast). I got a job in Washington, DC, as a receptionist for a nonprofit organization–and worked in nonprofit organizations for years, ending up as a vice president in a very large nonprofit where I started both their international and diversity divisions.

That work took me right around the world. Having studied in Sri Lanka as an exchange student in high school and in Munich as a college student, I felt right at home traveling the globe, both by sea and by plane. I have a global perspective as a result–and people I call friends all around the world.

I’ve written six books and hundreds of articles. I’m a writer. I’m a teacher. I’m a speaker. I’m a social justice activist. And my greatest and most significant job is as a mother to my two daughters.

The Professional Me

I have traveled to over 60 countries in my career working as an association executive and consultant to global corporations. Go here to get more information about my professional resume.