Bridge split

I can warn Romeo, I can deceive Othello, search for my father, fight Claudio, tease Ophelia…

My business and creative partner, David Robinson, and I are deep in conversation these days about split intentions–what they are, how they show up, what they cost us–and we're sharing some of that ongoing conversation tonight in a free teleseminar ("Are you splitting your intentions?" from 7-8pm Eastern on September 30, 2009).

David will share his unique perspective as a theater director–and we'll explore how the lessons for actors ("You cannot play two intentions on stage at the same time") have deep application for life and work outside the theater.

Because our June teleseminar ("Playing with Blocks") was so jam-packed, people asked for a handy-dandy follow-along outline for the next one, which you'll find here (PDF).

We hope you'll spend an hour with us tonight jumping into this topic of intention, split intention, and direction of intention–and the impact of each on our lives. Sign up below and you'll get information on how to access the call tonight–and how to access the recording of the class if you can't be with us live.

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