Why 37days?


14 days of raw, vegan food. I feel as if I have reset my taste buds and my approach to food. My pantry looks fundamentally different. I feel lighter and happier and more focused. I have lost 10 pounds, though that wasn’t the goal. I made a raw key lime pie with an almond crust last night to test how it would taste. It is made with avocado. I won’t be doing that again. Mostly I am just eating fresh fruits and vegetables–very simple meals, and loving the simplicity. I did have a hankering for chocolate, and these were delicious and simple to make.

This Saturday is the last day to order 37days posters in time for Christmas. At 20% off. Brighten someone’s cubicle or office or home with a beautiful reminder of what’s important in life!

It’s cold and flu season already here in the mountains of North Carolina. Up at 4:33am this morning with a sickly Mr Brilliant, I started looking for natural cold remedies. If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger, I imagine. Here’s another one, a quicker-to-make-one.


I’m trying to learn more about my digital camera, and these 50 tips are helping.

Tess and I started fiddle lessons this week. This article now has new meaning for me: “there is a fundamental distinction between the physics of plucked and bowed strings.

Intergenerational game-play is important–and it’s changing. “…Given that the number and variety of digital options will only increase, wouldn’t it be more productive to explore how we can effectively transform media consumption into quality family time? What if we viewed the digital deluge as a new opportunity to tap into the potential of interactive technologies to help reunite generations in playful learning together?”

Recite your mantra and call me in the morning. “There are those who think it’s a very weird thing to do and those who have faith in the growing body of research suggesting that many mind-body applications actually help. ‘If you don’t help patients to harness their own healing capacities, you are putting them at a significant disadvantage,’ says Woodson Merrell, assistant medical professor at Columbia Medical School.”


I am honored to kick off the “12 Days of Consciousness at Your Daily OWN: recaps, reflections & inspiration on the NEW Oprah Winfrey Network, with an interview by Lia Keith. Here’s an excerpt:

“Here’s what I’ve learned from her in this whole experience:

  1. Finding out is a gift; not knowing keeps us locked in patterns it is difficult to escape.
  2. Naming something can give it power, and it can also give you power.
  3. Framing is everything. Had we framed it as a disability, she would have had a very different experience. We see what we expect to see. Let’s expect great things!
  4. Own it. Own who you are. Be proud of the things that make you different, not ashamed of them. Raise your hand and say, “THIS IS ME!”
  5. Don’t make assumptions. About kids having tantrums in grocery stores. About people who don’t look you in the eye. About anyone.”

“I think… if it is true that there are as many minds as there are heads, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.” – Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina


“Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body.” – James Joyce / I, too, have been living a short distance from my body. I am learning to inhabit it again.


Love this. So many awesome ideas/links. I love hearing how the raw foods eating is going. I am really trying to veer us that way. It isn’t so difficult when we are home, but when we go up north to my mom’s and uncles, it is far more difficult (unless it is summer with their huge garden brimming with vegetables). The cold remedies – the second one is a lot like my mom’s hot toddy. Hers has garlic in it as well. We always joke that it scares the cold out of you. :) Hope you are well. Much love.

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